Wheelchair - Mobile

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Wheelchair - Mobile
The Canis-Mobile wheelchair for dogs and cats improves the quality of life of the animal.

Thanks to these chairs, it is possible to support the rear legs of dogs and cats. cats in case of partial or total loss of mobility.

For rehabilitation after a herniated disc, for the temporary immobilization of the hind limbs after an operation, an injury, a cast, an external fixation splint, etc. .

They require a period of adaptation. Some work from day one, but others need a little more time to adapt.

Owners' serenity and perseverance are the most determining factors of adaptation.

- Galvanized metal and welded aluminum frame.
- Adjustable height and length.
- Adjustable straps.
- Removable guards for easy washing.
- Rubber wheels.
- Reinforced arch to lift the animal and help it cross sidewalks.
- Axis displacement to allow mobility of the valid leg.

A harness Canis rear carrier can be attached (sold separately).

Look at the drawing in the last photo to get the correct measurements, and look for the corresponding part number in the table below:

Chest circumference (1)
Length between the legs (2)
Height at the tail (3)
Practical rear canis
D00770 * Small 410 mm . max. 160-260 mm. 170-270 mm. Not included
D00780 Medium 660 mm. max. 250-350 mm. 240-380 mm. Size S or M included, to be specified in the remarks.
D00790 Large 900 mm. max. 350-500 mm. 410-560 mm. Not included