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Special nylon muzzles for cats:

This cat muzzle is indispensable in cat grooming salons as well as for veterinarians and feline breeders

The behavior of many cats in grooming salons makes these muzzles necessary.
It prevents them from biting and calms them extraordinarily because they act like a mask.

Very useful for taking a bath, going to the vet, traveling...

Made of nylon with a adjustable closure.

It is very difficult for the cat to remove it on its own.

Machine wash cold.

Chamfer Length (Measurement B)

To choose the right size, take measurements A and B shown in photo 2 and find the size that suits you in the following table:

Size S - Mouth perimeter (measurement A): 25 cm. Chamfer length (measurement B): 6.5 cm. Breeds concerned: Small cats: oriental, exotic, Siamese,...

Size M - Mouth perimeter (measurement A): 28 cm. Chamfer length (measurement B): 8 cm. Breeds concerned: Medium-sized cats: British Shorthair, Birman, ....

Size L - Mouth perimeter (measurement A): 32 cm. Chamfer length (measurement B): 8 cm. Breeds concerned: Large or long-haired cats: Persians, Norwegians, .....

Are you looking for a muzzle for your cat that is effective, comfortable and affordable? Petdesign has everything you need! Our cat muzzles are made with quality materials that are strong and durable to protect your pet and prevent them from hurting themselves or harming those around them.

As well as being effective in preventing bites and scratches while grooming, our muzzles are easy to use thanks to their practical design. They fit snugly around your cat's head for a perfect fit. And they're also easy to clean, making them ideal for active cats.

And best of all, our muzzles are affordable! We have competitive prices for quality products, so you can protect your cat without breaking the bank.

On our site, you can place an order in a few clicks, and benefit from fast delivery. We also have customer service to answer all your questions and help you choose the ideal muzzle for your cat. If you have a problem or a question, do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!

What is the size of the cat muzzle?

It's crucial to make sure the muzzle fits your cat's size to avoid it getting too big or too small. It is essential to take the measurements of your cat's head and to check the correspondence with the sizes offered by the manufacturer to guarantee a perfect fit.

What materials are used to make the cat muzzle?

It is important to check that the materials used are soft and comfortable for the cat. This ensures that the muzzle will not cause pain or discomfort during use.

Is the cat muzzle easy to use?

It is convenient to choose a muzzle with a convenient design for easy adjustment. This allows the muzzle to be put on and taken off quickly and efficiently, without causing stress for the cat.

Is the cat muzzle durable and resistant?

It is desirable to choose a muzzle made of quality materials for long-term use. This ensures that the muzzle will withstand repeated use and harsh conditions.

Is the muzzle easy to clean?

It is convenient to choose a muzzle that is easy to clean for repeated use. This makes it possible to maintain the muzzle effectively and to guarantee its hygiene.

How much does the muzzle cost?

It is important to consider the price of the muzzle in relation to its use and durability. It is important to choose an affordable muzzle that offers good value for money.