Lacquer Gloss FINAL FIX SOFT Ecological

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Light hold hairspray to give hold and texture without any "cardboard" effect. No residue, safe for hair.

FINAL FIX SOFT ECOLOGIC is an ecological hairspray, without gas, which will allow you to give shine, hold and texture to the coat, without ever having the unpleasant "sticky" effect of certain hairsprays.

Very popular with show and competition dogs.

Removes with just a few brush strokes, leaves no residue. Latest generation hairspray without any danger to the coat.

This grooming spray helps to condition fine textures and with little structure, especially during scissor cuts in the following dog breeds: Poodle, Bichon Frize, Kerry blue terrier, Bedlington terrier.

Spray the product from a distance of about 20-30 cm directly on the clean, combed coat, finalize the shaping with a comb.
Only for professional use. Avoid contact with pet's eyes.
If dispenser becomes clogged, clean using warm water only.
Contains the latest generation of non-hair damaging resins animals.

Perfectly completes the toilet of volume breeds. Ideal after Platynum Pro, Extra Body Cream and Multifix for example.

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