Ibá Tiger Hanging Scratch Pad 45 Cm

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Tiger Pendant Scraper
The "Tiger" hanging scraper responds to cats' natural tendency to scratch and sneak their nails. Its scraping surface is covered with sisal, an irresistible material for our kittens.

This scraper is ideal for hanging on a door or on the wall, protecting these areas from the inevitable scratches. It is ideal for small homes because when glued to a wall or door it does not take up space which is so valuable in these cases.

At the top of the scraper we have the head of a stuffed tiger and a small, soft ball hangs from a rubber band on the sisal for more entertainment.

For cats, scratching performs several functions; One of the most important is to keep your fingernails sharp. Another function is to mark the territory using the scent left by its pads, in addition to the physical marks.

If you want to be attracted to the scraper more easily, you can sprinkle it with catnip, it will be an irresistible temptation.

Measure: 45 cm