Drying Cabin IBA 1100 Drying cage

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Thor 1100 Drying Cage: Revolutionize professional grooming for your four-legged companions


The Thor 1100 Drying Cabin is essential for dog and feline grooming salons with a high volume of activity. By allowing optimal time management, it offers the possibility of accepting more appointments each day.


Designed for professional use, this drying cabin can accommodate one or two dogs or cats thanks to its removable intermediate partition. Its intuitive digital control panel makes it easy to operate.

Technical information

Equipped with silent ventilation and progressive temperature settings, the Thor Drying Cabin ensures a comfortable environment for animals. Its features include:

  • Minimum energy consumption, with operation mainly based on a low consumption fan.
  • Removable Perspex sliding doors to avoid any incidents.
  • An interior base grille ensuring optimal air circulation.
  • Swivel casters for increased mobility.
  • Strategic arrangement of motor and fan for uniform drying.

Belgian manufacture. Unrivaled quality.

External dimensions: 110 x 70 x 105 (h) cm
Internal dimensions: 103 x 63 x 63 (h) cm

Additional Questions and Answers

1. What is the power consumption of the Thor 1100 Drying Cabin?
With operation mainly based on a low-consumption fan, the cabin displays minimal consumption. Only when heating is activated, it reaches a peak of 2350 W.

2. Is the Thor Drying Booth suitable for dogs and cats?
Yes, this booth is suitable for both dogs and cats, providing a comfortable drying solution for both species.

3. What are the advantages of Belgian manufacturing?
Belgian manufacturing is synonymous with superior quality, guaranteeing optimal reliability and durability of the equipment.

4. Is the cabin ventilation noisy?
No, the cabin is equipped with silent ventilation, ensuring a calm and soothing environment for the animals.

5. Is the Thor Drying Cabin easy to move?
Yes, thanks to its swivel casters, it can be moved easily, offering great flexibility in setting up the grooming space.

5 signs that may encourage you to use the Thor Drying Room

  1. You manage a busy grooming salon
    The ability to accommodate one or two animals simultaneously allows you to optimize your schedule and respond to a large clientele.
  2. Are you looking for an energy efficient solution
    The cabin offers minimal electricity consumption thanks to its use mainly based on a low consumption fan.
  3. You prioritize quality and durability
    Manufactured in Belgium, this cabin benefits from an unrivaled reputation for quality, ensuring a long lifespan and foolproof reliability.
  4. You value animal comfort
    With its quiet ventilation and progressive temperature settings, the cabin creates a calm and soothing environment, ideal for animal well-being.
  5. You need a solution that is flexible and easy to move
    The swivel casters make it easy to move the cabin as needed, providing great flexibility in organizing the workspace.