Iba-Rock Straight Scissors 20cm

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Straight Ibáñez Tiba IbaRock
Professional and multifunctional scissors for dog hairdressers:
· Pre-cut work before bathing (coats without knots).
· Areas with hair density.
· Dog breeds with strong hair.

Straight, strong, sturdy and precise Filipino scissors made of Japanese steel.

The outer tooth design of the leaves takes a lot of weight off the scissors, without reducing the strength or the power in the cut.
Working with it is very pleasant.
They also serve as two combs of different stages to help sort the hair during the cut.

Reference A10444 Reference A10443 < br> Without support 17.5 cm. 20 cm
Total length with support: 19.5 cm. 21.5 cm
From the screw to the point 9 cm. 11 cm
Weight 74 g. 80 g.

· ADJ for adjustment, in black coated titanium PVD.
· Scissors with silencer and footrest. With finger protectors.
· Scissors from the Evidence line, made of Japanese steel with a hardness of 54 to 56 HRC.

It is served in a high quality case.