Parrot plush with catnip

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Plush Parrot With Catnip
This plush toy with cat feathers will turn even the laziest cat into a great hunter.

Its very soft texture and the feathers of its tail make it very attractive to cats, providing long periods of fun and entertainment.

Play is a vital activity for offspring and adults. They must eliminate the predator they are carrying inside.

With this plush comes a gift of catnip or catnip. The aroma of this herb is irresistible to cats. You can use it by sprinkling your sandbox or a scraper, and thus educate the puppies in their use, or regain the attraction of an old object.

Another option is to place the animal plush in a bag next to the grass in case your pet loses interest. This way you will be permeated with its scent and you will be irresistible again.

Remember to regularly check the toy for disposal or to change it if it deteriorates.

Measure: 17 x 13 cm.