Niagara Electric Stainless Steel Bathtub - Adjustable Height

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Niágara Electric Bathtub for Canine and Feline Grooming: An Innovative Bath for Your Pets


The Ibáñez stainless steel electric bathtub represents an innovative solution for the care of your precious four-legged companions. Constructed with sturdy 0.8mm thick stainless steel, this tub ensures exceptional durability and strength, giving you a reliable long-term grooming solution. The height of the base is adjustable from 33 to 66 cm, providing easy access and adaptable to your preferences and the size of your animals. Featuring a foot switch, moving up and down while bathing becomes a hassle-free task, leaving your hands free for efficient, hassle-free grooming. In addition, the 50 x 39 cm sliding door and the fixed pole with movable attachment points make the bathing process even smoother and more convenient.


This versatile bathtub includes all the elements needed for a safe and efficient bathing experience. Comes with a single-lever faucet, shower head and shampoo tray installed on the right side for maximum accessibility, it simplifies your grooming work. The drain with a removable wide tray prevents clogs and makes cleaning easier, while the hose and connector make it easy to connect the blower for quick and efficient drying. The grid-style plastic base, with two adjustable heights, prevents water accumulation, making it the ideal option for bathing small dogs and cats without straining your back.

Technical Information

  • Maximum External Dimensions: 127 x 70 cm
  • Adjustable Height: 138 to 171 cm
  • Height from the Base to the Highest Part of the Bath: 105 cm
  • Sliding door: 50 x 39 cm
  • Ibáñez Professional Guarantee: 1 year

Additional Questions and Answers

How should I clean the stainless steel bathtub?
To maintain its shine and optimal hygienic conditions, clean the bathtub regularly with water and neutral soap. Avoid the use of abrasive products and be sure to dry thoroughly after cleaning.

Is it safe for pets?
Yes, this bathtub is completely safe for pets. It is equipped with a fixing system for securing animals during bathing, and it is also adaptable to different sizes of animals and groomers, making it easier to groom at the right height.

5 Signs That May Encourage You to Use the Niágara Electric Bath

  1. You are looking for a durable and durable grooming solution thanks to its high quality stainless steel construction.
  2. You want to benefit from an adjustable height for optimal accessibility when bathing your animals.
  3. You want to simplify the grooming process with practical accessories such as a single-lever faucet, a shower head and a shampoo tray.
  4. You are looking for a bathtub that is easy to clean and maintain to maintain optimal hygienic conditions.
  5. You need a professional one-year warranty to ensure the quality and reliability of the product.

Precautions for Use

Before using the NIÁGARA stainless steel electric bath, please carefully follow the assembly instructions provided in the user manual. Be sure to properly attach the grooming arm to the tub base using the screws and washers provided. When assembling the mixer tap, be sure to connect the hot and cold water pipes to the corresponding holes, then secure the tap firmly with the provided lock nuts. Also be sure to install the shampoo holder and shower head holder into their respective holes using the screws and nuts provided. To avoid any drainage issues, be sure to put the feet closest to the drain slightly lower than the opposite side of the tub.


After each use, it is essential to clean, rinse and dry the bath thoroughly to maintain its optimal appearance. Use a soft sponge to avoid damaging the surface, avoiding harsh cleaning products or metal pads. It is recommended to use only specific products for cleaning and protecting stainless steel, avoiding products containing abrasive agents such as bleach, acids or cements, which could cause permanent damage . To prevent corrosion, clean and protect stainless steel periodically with specific products, especially after prolonged use or every two to three weeks.

Miscellaneous information

The stainless steel electric bath is prone to rust formation, although this appears as brown spots rather than classic rust. This rust is actually a thin layer of chromium oxide that acts as a protective coating against corrosion. However, if the surface is covered in grease or dirt, the protective ability of chrome can be negated, making it more vulnerable to corrosion and wear. It is important to note that the use of acidic cleaning products or lye can lead to surface corrosion, so it is essential to regularly clean and protect stainless steel with specific products to avoid this problem.


This product benefits from a one-year professional warranty from the date of delivery, subject to presentation of the purchase invoice. During the warranty period, parts with manufacturing defects will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer. However, the warranty does not cover transportation costs or damage caused by accidents, misuse or inadequate maintenance.