Cat tree with integrated scratching tower "LIGHT Trees"

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Charming scraper tree for cats of different heights. Having a raclette tree is a must in a house with cats. Thanks to it, they can express many of their most basic instincts, such as scratching, marking territory, playing or exercising.

This scraper has all the necessary ingredients to cover these needs. It has three heights for you to practice while climbing. In the lower part is a fabric catheter with an ultra soft fur base for refuge and rest. Includes two scraper posts lined with durable two-color sisal, perfect for scraping and sharpening your nails. At the top of each of the poles has bases for rest, a round and a concave. Finally, under the highest platform we find a padded ball hanging on a rubber band that will give your cat a lot of pleasure.

The design is very romantic, cream in color with gray patterned trees and with several surfaces and edges lined with a very soft fabric. The sisal cord is two-tone, alternating gray and spiral cream.

Measures: 40 x 33 x (alt.) 64 cm.