Ibá Rock Curved Scissors 20cm Grooming

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Scissors Iba Iba-Curve Curve 20 Cm.
Sturdy, robust and precise curved scissors.

Professional and multifunctional scissors for dog hairdressers:
· Pre-cut work before bathing (no knots ).
· Areas with density of hair.
· Dog breeds with strong hair.

The design of the outer teeth of the leaves is to subtract the weight of the scissors without removing its power in the cut.

· Total length with support: 21.5 cm., Without support: 20 cm.
· Edge measurement (from screw to tip): 10.5 cm.
· Curved edge of the Razor Edge blade.
· ADJ in PVD titanium to adjust the scissors to your liking.
· Muffler
· Fixed support.
· With guard fingers.
· Scissors from the Evidence line, made of Japanese steel with a hardness of 54 to 56 HRC.
· Weight: 77 g.

It is served in a high quality case.