Small Size & Fun Cat Scraper

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Natural Footprint Scraper
Cat Scraper" Natural Footprint ", thanks to its small size, is ideal for small homes and with only one cat.

Convenient design to place it in n ' any corner of your home.

This scraper is composed of a footprint-shaped base and a sisal upright. The base is lined with a very soft green fabric with lunarcitos and plush circles imitating what would be fingernails. To make it even more attractive, it includes 2 balls suspended from the top of the scraper using elastic cords, ready to be chased.

The Most cats feel the urge to scrape materials, mostly woven or wooden, for them this is a necessity, because in addition to sharpening the nails, it is part of the process of marking the territory, which contributes to the mental and emotional health of the cat. By scratching, cats leave the smell of sweat glands that they have in the paws of their claws. This is why it is usual that, once they have marked an object, they return to the same place a few days later to reinforce their scent.

To prevent your cat from breaking furniture, walls or sofas, be sure to provide a suitable place to scratch it. If you stop caring about your scratchers or toys, try spraying them with catnip and you'll instantly grab some attention.

Measure: 36.5 x 36.5 x (alt .) 40 cm. "