Ibá Dogcycle

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Iba Dogcycle
The Iba Dogcycle is an ideal supplement to walk your dog in a safe, stable and fun way.

Do not leave your dog at home while you go out with the bike. Take it with you and enjoy the ride together.

The Dogcylce consists of a lightweight stainless steel bar lined with silicone for extra grip, which installs under the saddle of your bike in 5 minutes and with only two screws. Once hung, it can be unscrewed in seconds to use it on a leash or leave it at home if we decide to walk without a dog.

This system keeps your dog at a safe distance from the bike , you cannot run in front of or between the wheels. Inside, it has an elastic strap with a spring system that absorbs any pulls from the dog, thus avoiding destabilizing the bike. The strap is easily adjustable to the desired length.

Surprising compared to other systems, the great lightness of this device prevents us from overexerting during pedaling, as well as its simplicity of installation and use.

In order for your dog to get used to familiarizing himself with the Iba dog, it is recommended to use the bar on a leash first. The adaptation will be very fast.

Weight: 500 g

Length: 42 cm