Cat Tree with Scratching Post Column Ibá "DARK Trees"

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Dark Trees Scraper Tree
Give your cat a safe and fun place to enjoy their favorite activities with the" Dark Trees "Scraper Tree. With it you can play, scratch, relax and sleep at will.

This scraper consists of a sisal covered post on a square base. At the top of the post has a round base, largely surrounded by one side, where your cat can snuggle and rest .

All the fabrics that make it up are gray and cream. Part of them is very soft pile, and the rest is cotton fabric with nice tree pattern. Sisal pole combines both colors. This color range is very easy to adapt to any decorating style.

Scratching is a primitive need felt by most cats. By providing a scratching post at home, you will avoid it. does not meet this need with your furniture or your curtains.

If, at any time, you notice that your cat is losing interest ready for the scraper, you can spray it with catnip and reuse it immediately.

Measure: (diam.) 33 x (alt.) 45 cm. "