Ibá Butterflies Scratching Post

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Butterflies Scraper
Scratching tree for cats with a cave bed. Very soft design thanks to the butterfly pattern and the long, soft hairs that cover the entrance to the house in fabric. All fabrics and surfaces in beautiful colors.

At the base there is a fabric catheter with a super soft fur floor for shelter and rest. Cats like to hide in places where they feel protected from all sides.

On the house has a scraper post lined with tough sisal, perfect for scraping and sharpening your nails. At the top of the pole has a round base to be able to climb and watch around.

Having a raclette tree is a must in a house with cats. Thanks to it, they can express many of their most basic instincts, such as scratching, marking territory, playing or exercising.

Measure: 33 x 35 x 56 (alt.) Cm.