Left Handed Scissors Sculptors Ibá Boheme 50 Teeth 17,5cm

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Bohemia. Scissor Sculpt. Left 17.5 Cm
Professional sculpting scissors for groomers, with teeth on one of the edges, designed for left-handers
Ideal for sculpting, and shaping giving a natural and fine finish to the dog's coat.

Its long and fine teeth are designed with a slight curvature for an intense procession.
Designed for a good grip of the hairs in the cut with maximum comfort.
For sculpting fine hairs and thin.

Empty fine and fine hair.
For styling very dense hair like those of double coat breeds, scissors with another pattern (more widely separated teeth) are recommended.

For perfect finishes, which require maximum precision in the cut.

· 50 curved teeth. (closed teeth)
Set screw decorated with blue fitted stone. It allows to adjust the scissors to each class of hair and to their personal taste.
· Silent
· Support finger
· With thin finger guards.
· Diameter of the holes for the fingers: 2 cm. (asymmetrical)
· Diamond wire scissors, made of high quality steel and with a hardness ranging from 56 to 58 HRC.

- without support: 17.5 cm. (The measurement does not include the footrest. The footrest measures 1.5 or 2 cm.)
- Edge length: 9 cm.
(from the screw to the tip)
- Weight: 72g.