Dry Coat special Cavalier King Charles Grooming Exhibitions

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dry coat:

The dry coat allows you to finalize your brushing by perfectly flattering your dog's hair.

Dry Dog Coat

Special Cavalier King Charles

Made in United Kingdom

How does this revolutionary coat work?

This brand of Dry Dog Coat is particularly popular in dog shows for its many qualities.

Your dogs' hair will stay straight, shiny, and perfectly conditioned for the show! This DryDogCoat will allow you to get in shape that no brushing can match. You will be able to:

• control the volume of the neckline, which will increase the elegance of the animal and will improve his shoulder

• freeze the coat over the entire back line, without unsightly ears that reflect a bad image, and penalize the dog

• perfectly tackle any rebellious hair, sticky locks, or even curling tufts

When to use it?
One and only way : the DryCoat is used after a classic grooming session. You start with a good bath + disentangling. Remember to use excellent cosmetics when grooming your animals, the result will be better and more lasting.
After the bath, take care of the animal as much as possible. application of the conditioner, and be meticulous during your brushing . Once the dog is dry, you carefully and carefully put on the dry dog ​​coat on a well-conditioned coat. Be careful that the position that is going to be fixed corresponds to your expectations ... Do not expect to have a satisfactory result if your hair is messy and tousled ... The more difficult your show dog's fur is to comb , the longer you will leave the mantle in place. This can range from 30 minutes up to an entire night depending on the desired intensity.

What we liked:

☑ Its formidable efficiency
☑ Ease of use
☑ Man-made

Size guide

Three sizes available:

Small: 22 "

Medium: 23 "

Large: 24"

22 "correspond to a total length (from the tail attachment to the eyes) of 55cm, following the back, neckline and skull well

23" correspond to a total length of 58cm

24 "to 61cm

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