Professional height rod for tourniquet size measurement

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Measuring Chart for Dogs and Cats

The measuring board for dogs and cats is a professional tool designed specifically for show judges and breeders. It guarantees precise measurement of size at the withers, crucial in certain breeds to meet the standards required during presentations in competitions or breeding.

Easy to handle, this metal measuring rod is ideal for use in the field thanks to its compact design. It makes it possible to precisely measure the height at the withers of animals, taking into account their posture and alignment, essential for objective evaluation during dog beauty competitions.

Technical Information:

  • Made from anodized aluminum, guaranteeing both lightness and robustness.
  • Includes a convenient carrying pouch for optimal portability.
  • Measuring capacity up to 110 cm, suitable for a wide variety of dog and cat breeds.
  • Approved to check the conformity of animals with the standards of their breed during competitions and breeding evaluations.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How to measure the height at the withers of an animal?
A: To measure the height at the withers of a dog or of a cat, simply place the measuring rod on the ground and place it vertically, then note the measurement up to the top of the animal's spine, taking into account its posture.

Q: What are the advantages of this measuring rod for breeders and animal owners?
A: This measuring rod allows breeders and owners to monitor the evolution of the size of their animals, which is particularly useful before competitions or when planning a mating in accordance with the French Book of Origins (LOF).

Q: On what occasion is this measuring rod used outside of exhibitions?
A: Apart from exhibitions and competitions, this measuring rod is also used by owners to ensure for the conformity of their animal to the standards of its breed and for regular monitoring of its growth.

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