Waterproof coat with fur protection

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Waterproof Dog Coat

Advantage: The Waterproof Dog Coat offers exceptional protection thanks to BREATHE-COMFORT technology. This high-tech fabric ensures remarkable waterproofing against humidity and wind, while providing a soft and pleasant feeling for unparalleled comfort. With BREATHE-COMFORT, your dog is protected in all climatic conditions, maintaining a natural body temperature, even in extreme temperatures ranging from -20º to 45º.

Usage: The ease of use of the Waterproof Dog Coat is evident with its design equipped with a zipper along the dog's back. Adjustable leg bottoms ensure a perfect fit. Available in all sizes, from small dogs to larger breeds, this coat adapts to any situation to keep your pet comfortable and protected during outdoor activities.

Technical Information:

  • BREATHE-COMFORT technology for superior waterproofing and a soft feel.
  • Perfect breathability and protection against rain and wind.
  • Maintenance of body temperature in extreme conditions (-20º to 45º).
  • Easy to put on with the zipper in the back and adjustable hems.
  • Available in all sizes to fit different dog breeds.
  • Washing Instructions: Machine wash cold.

Sizing Guide:

  1. Measure your dog's back, from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.
  2. Find this measurement in the table and choose the size LOWER than that which would fit.
  3. Measure the chest circumference and make sure the size selected in the table is the correct one.
  4. Measure both the front and rear legs, and make sure the size chosen from the chart is correct.
Chest measurement*
Pasta before*
Back legs*
25 cm. 36 cm. 16 cm. 18 cm.
30 cm. 42 cm. 20 cm. 20 cm.
35 cm. 52 cm. 22 cm. 24 cm.
40 cm. 60 cm. 27 cm. 30 cm.
45 cm. 66 cm. 34 cm. 34 cm.
50 cm. 76 cm. 36 cm. 41 cm.
55 cm. 82 cm. 40 cm. 44 cm.
60 cm. 88 cm. 44 cm. 47 cm.
65 cm. 94 cm. 46 cm. 47 cm.
70 cm. 100 cm. 51 cm. 51 cm.
75 cm. 102 cm. 51 cm. 51 cm.
80 cm. 108 cm. 52 cm. 52 cm.