Bio-Groom Magic Black Spray 142g

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Tiza Spray Magic Black
Chalk Spray White Magic
Spray Magic White is the spray version of chalk white designed to be applied more comfortably.

It works great in both long and short hairs .

Ideal when the surface of the coat that we want to cover with white is a large area (for very specific areas it is more convenient to use white chalk on the bar).
< br> Intensifies and covers in white:
Small bald spots
The discoloration of red hairs by wounds, irritations or contact with saliva.
Yellow hair burned by the use of aggressive cosmetics or by contact with urine.

Magic White dries quickly, leaving it soaked in the hair. It is not removed by friction. It has a clean and fresh scent.

It can be used as a dry shampoo on white hairs.

It is not sticky or irritating. It is not harmful to the skin.

The product is easily removed from the coat by bathing the dog with a good shampoo.