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AQUA OTO is a specific lotion for cleaning the ear, but also for the prevention of fouling and infections.

Who is this product made for?

Everyone will find a real interest in it!
☑️ Groomers ☑️ Breeders ☑️ Individuals ☑️ Competitors ☑️ Handlers

What benefits can I expect?

✅ Does not damage the hair
✅ Deodorant action
✅ Prevent itching and redness
✅ Offers a calming action
✅ Elimination of earwax and other oily-type impurities.

Composition: focus on naturalness!

AQUA OTO is an innovative ear solution whose solubility will allow the dissolution and elimination of earwax and other oily type impurities.
For effective cleaning of the ears of your dogs and cats, the product should be applied frequently , especially during the bath so that the dirt removed does not damage the hair.
Being hypoallergenic, it has been manufactured with the aim of respecting all skin types, while contributing to the proper functioning of the epidermal metabolism.

You will appreciate its natural composition:
🍀 A llatoïne and chamomile extracts ( calming action),
🍀 M peppery enthe ( prevention of itching and redness),
🍀 Achillea millefolium, mallow and lemon balm ( deodorant action),
🍀 Yeasts ( strengthen and brighten the coat and promote the skin's natural microbial balance)

Examples and suggested uses

Choose this cleaner if you need:

🔥 gently clean the ears of any dog ​​and cat
🔥 from prevent infections
🔥 to set up a protocol to prevent from clogging the ears


❌ Never use cotton to clean the inside of your pet's ears.

It is advisable to first remove the down present in the pavilion (use HAIR STRIP for this).
Keep the animal's head with the muzzle facing the ground, lift the ear so that the duct is vertical.
Pour Aqua Oto then massage for a few moments.
With a gauze moistened with the product, gently wipe the inside of the ear to collect the impurities.
When your dog shakes himself, the centrifugal force of the movement will only intensify the action of the product and the expulsion of impurities.

Recommended associations

The entire Special One Range is Compatible with AQUA OTO

🤝 The lotion can very well be coupled with medical treatment

When grooming, begin each Special One bath with an application of lotion in each ear.

Our commitments

Cosmetics biodegradable at + 90%

Paraben-free, Silicone-free

Not tested on animals.

Recyclable PEHD02 packaging


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