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100% natural food supplements with antioxidant properties for dogs and cats.

No preservatives or additives. GMO Free.
Formulated by vets.

Very easy to add to their diet - they love it! Just sprinkle it on their food.
If you want to prevent some of the powder from remaining at the bottom of the bowl, you can add a few drops of olive oil to the mixture.
Check out the benefits antioxidant.

Properties and benefits:

- Helps control weight
- Slows oxidation reactions in cells, thereby reducing cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases and tumors.
- Improves health and well-being
​​- Improves the health of hair and skin

Ingredients: Icelandic KELP seaweed, cranberries, spirulina, spinach.

Recommended daily dose *.
Daily dose
<5 kg 1.25 g 1/4
5 - 10 kg 2.5 g 1 / 2
10 - 25 kg 5 g 1
25 - 45 kg 10 g 2
> 45 kg 15 g 3

* It is recommended to allow a month of rest every three months .
Contains 130 g.