Your dog will always be a big kid, so always play with him!

Naturally playful and sociable, the dog is a canine that feeds on its relationship with humans! For this, several types of exchanges are possible: caresses, grooming, walks, sports ... But it will always be necessary to keep in mind that part of the game with your best 4-legged friend, it's as easy as pie, and yet so effective in terms of morale and mental health for him!

The latest innovations, and ever more intense marketing policies, have revolutionized the toy department of pet stores. There is now something for all tastes and all colors. When it comes to the shapes and textures of the games, it's limitless! Our pets are really spoiled!

For the lazy but greedy, the Kongs series is a must-have top seller. We offer you this kind of toy here that you can garnish with any type of kibble or treat. Obviously this goes with our convictions that you will have noticed in the nutrition section: nourishing like nature is essential! So we can only encourage you to garnish this type of game with vegetables or dehydrated meats, or even cereal-free croquettes (Maxima Grain Free , a brand of hearts).

Our friends and we will enjoy long games in a garden with the inevitable tennis balls . We have chosen here an improved version of this classic game. Briefly, this consists of connecting the dog ball to a rope in order to create a playful and ergonomic set. You will easily grasp the combo, and your throw will be more fluid. It will also be easier for the animal to grab it in the mouth, and no risk of suffocation is possible with this game.

All of these arguments make it a real ally for your daily games. Do not hesitate to come back to this page very regularly, because we are always on the lookout for the latest news. Likewise, if you are a client of grooming salons, ask them for advice, groomers usually have very useful and comprehensive sales departments.