Rainout Noir Chien Boots Xxxs

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Ibañez Rainout Boots
Ibañez Rainout Dog Boots in black. These boots are made with a special tear-resistant fabric, which makes them particularly resistant and durable.

The Ibáñez Rainout boots are perfect for protecting the sensitive pads of our dogs. This need to protect them can arise from several circumstances: because there is a wound which must remain dry, because we do not want to be licked, otherwise the bandage is removed; or because he has to walk on bad ground or with snow.

Rainout boots are waterproof and have a very resistant natural leather base. The interior is soft and pleasant, like the elastic sleeve which, thanks to its length, also protects part of the leg.

The opening is elastic, facilitating the entry of the leg and giving it a better fit. Once placed, the shoe is adjusted with a velcro strap.

They have a reflective strip for better visibility in low light.

They can be machine washed, cold.

The pack includes two units.

Available in seven different sizes. The breeds are indicative, keep in mind that within the same breed there are big differences in size, so the measurement will always be safer.

Size *
Course (orienteering)
Size XXXS 13 cm. Pekingese
Size XXS 14 cm. Jack Russell
Size XS 15 cm. Mini Schnauzer
Size S 16 cm. Beagle
Size M 17 cm. Setter
Size L 18 cm. Golden Retriever
Size XL 20 cm. Saint Bernard

* As this product is handcrafted, these measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.