"NATURAL Fun" Ball Knot - Natural Materials

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A Great Classic Of Games For Dogs: The Rope Knot
Ball knot for dogs: compact, strong and ecological.

The ball is the toy par excellence for any dog. It is important to give our pets toys. They fight boredom, develop social skills and reduce stress.

This ball is made from 100% natural products, such as cotton and jute. This toy helps keep the animal's teeth clean and healthy, naturally.

Toys in the "Natural Fun" line are free from chemicals or toxic substances, as well as artificial colors. Thanks to their manufacture with natural materials, they are recyclable and durable, thus helping to preserve the environment.

Available in three different sizes and thicknesses:
· SMALL: 5.5 cm. x 6 mm.
MEDIUM: 6.5 cm. x 9 mm.
· LARGE: 8.5 cm x 12 mm

Although this toy is particularly durable, there are no such thing as indestructible toys and that is why we always recommend watching our dogs when they play with their toys and take them off if we want to leave them alone.