Multicolored dog game and multi textures

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Game Composed Of Three Distinct Parts In Different Shapes And Colors, All Assembled To Form A Beautiful Pleasant Toy
multicolored rubber toy for dogs.

This bone is ideal for moments of play with your dog, because it combines several functions in a single toy.

On a solid rubber base we have a bone and two rollers. All the parts except the axis are covered with bumps or small pieces that will massage your dog's mouth as he bites. This massage is very beneficial for the gums and the mouth in general.

It is very resistant, so you will spend hours having fun with your new toy.

It is also perfect for the always effective throwing and retrieval game that our animals like very much or to shoot and detach, because its elongated shape allows us to grasp it very easily.

It is made of very durable rubber, but there is no such thing as a shatterproof toy. We therefore recommend that you always supervise your dog while playing with him.

Measure: 18 cm