Design Cat Tree with Diamond Ibá Blue Argyle

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Blue Diamond Scraper
Scratching tree with blue diamonds for cats. This scraper is completely lined with two types of particularly soft fabrics. One in the beige color of the longer hairs, and the other with a design of blue diamonds.

It has a small tunnel on one side bordered on the inside and the outside. This tunnel is a perfect place for cats to hide, play and sleep. It is also located on a small scraper post.

This tiered cat furniture also has another sisal scraper stick, topped with a round platform. Next to the scraper post, a plush made of an elastic hangs to provide additional entertainment for your cat.

Scratching and stretching are natural behaviors essential to your cat's well-being. Leaving your cat a very small scraper will be a very useful weapon in hijacking and storing your furniture.

If your cat doesn't show much interest at first, spray catnip on the post. Cats can't resist their natural scent and end up giving the scraper a chance.

General: 40 x 31 x (alt.) 44 cm.
Tunnel: 30 x (diamet.) 21 cm.