Ibá "ALICIA" Pet Carrier Bed 40x40x34cm

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Alice Bed Bag
"Alice" is more than a bed, bag or car seat: it is a personal space for your dog or cat, designed to meet your personal needs.

Its strong point is its versatility. This is true both for a dog who needs to observe everything around him, and for a cat who enjoys his privacy.

Most cats, and many dogs, are stressed about taking a trip or a trip to the veterinarian with their carrier. The "Alice" bag helps to drastically reduce this stress by allowing you to travel in your own bed. The inside of the bag is lined with a piece of foam rubber with one side in sheepskin for cold seasons and the other in cooler nylon. You can put one or the other very easily thanks to your velcro.

When you travel, it joins the top of the bed by a zipper, and are ready to travel in your own bed. Once in the car you just have to put the seat belt around the bag and we have a secure car seat.

When you are not traveling in the car, you can carry it as a handbag or wear it on your shoulder with nylon tape with a pad for more comfort.

The upper part is covered with a mesh which allows good air circulation. It has a wide zipper which allows you to open it slightly without having to take it off completely.

Safety hook for the collar, inside.

Measure: 40 x 40 x 34 cm. - Bed height 18 cm.

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