Floating Ball With Rope For Dog Play

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An Economical, Playful And Very Durable Toy
The rope toy and the floating ball are perfect for throwing and interacting with our dog, both in the water and outdoors.

The rope is made of green and blue polyester. The ball is made of thermoplastic rubber, which is very resistant and in this case buoyant material.

The ball is completely covered with hexagonal holes, which will make it easier for your dog to catch it with his mouth. < br>
Sometimes even pampered and well-trained dogs develop behavioral or social adjustment problems and it is amazing how, through toys, these problems can be solved or greatly reduced. It is important to provide our animals with attractive and varied toys so that they can be happy, develop their hunting instincts and improve their social skills.

Due to its composition, this ball is very durable , but we recommend that you change it when it deteriorates to avoid accidents. Pets should always be supervised when playing with their toys.

Ball diameter: 8 cm.

Total length with rope: 32 cm.