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The only automatic brush in the world!

An exclusive PetDesign

Exclusive in France: AUTO DOG BRUSH is finally available!

Editor's note: In order to provide you with the best prices, we have chosen - as was requested by many groomers - to delete the suitcase, and lower the price by as much.

This Dutch innovation is finally arriving in France to the delight of groomers! < / p>

Automatic brushing is smoother, more efficient, less dangerous than during traditional brushing. The dog feels an effect of well-being, the brushing being perceived as a massage.

He is not embarrassed because the noise level is very low, and neither is he. there is no risk of injury to the skin.

ADB can help you cut brushing time by 5!

Created in Holland by Hans and Nanja, Labradoodles breeders, they invented an extremely easy to use brushing machine that can brush the coat of all types of dogs.

The Auto Dog Brush is good for your health:

V ou do not perform any movement jerky repetitive: disentangling is done with your wrist in a static position

M In addition to manual brushing, you can change hands and manage your fatigue

Thanks to its ergonomics, ADB is known to prevent the risk of occupational disease and musculoskeletal disorders < / p>

The brushing time is reduced, therefore less painful

L dander, dandruff, dirt and hair are sucked in, you don't breathe them

The only thing that all you have to do is run the brush gently over your dog's hair: they will be brushed and disentangled automatically! Magic !

The brush will significantly reduce the shedding period, preventing too much hair from falling into your home. This is truly a miracle brush that will enhance your brushing experience!

Particularly suitable for coats between 2 and 15 cm. For longer furs, experienced practice is necessary to avoid any risk of hair curling.

What we liked:

☑ Its efficiency and autonomy
☑ The low sound level
☑ No risk of injury
☑ The absence of stress for the animal

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