Iba Trimmer Bar

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Stripping / Hair Removal / Trimmer Bar
It is ideal for manual hair removal.
- For easy coat hair removal. Especially on difficult coats.
- It is also ideal for plucking shorter hairs at the end of general trimming or for areas of shorter hair like the ears or between the eyebrows.
- For the details of a perfect finish.
- Suitable for both right and left-handed people.

The stone bar is lighter.
Stainless steel rods have a longer service life due to less wear.

Directions: Hold section of hair to be tweezed between thumb and rough side of bar. Pull in the direction of hair growth and the strand will come off easily. You will notice that the hold on the hair is superb.

Two widths and materials available:
- Ref. TG0404 -- 13 mm (10.5 cm in length and 56 g in weight) - STONE
- Ref. TG0402 -- 8 mm (10.5 cm in length and 58 g in weight) - STAINLESS STEEL
- Ref. TG0403 -- 13mm (10.5cm long and 109g weight) - STAINLESS STEEL